SHERBETS is a Japanese rock band consisting of four members. Its current iteration was formed by Asai Kenichi in 1998. Two years earlier – while taking a break from BLANKEY JET CITY – Asai had recorded an album with a band named Sherbet. Keyboardist Fukshi Kumico was one of the members featured on this album, and would later go on to become a key member of SHERBETS.
Compared to BLANKEY JET CITY’s often aggressive rock sound, SHERBETS musical approach is generally of much calmer nature. While their music is centered around Asai’s guitar and voice, Fucci’s keyboard and backing vocals are just as integral to the band’s distinctive sound. Asai writes all of the band’s lyrics, and often portrays dreamy landscapes akin to the ones displayed by his many paintings and illustrations.
In May 2011, it was announced that the band would cease activities after the release of one final album – titled “Free” – in July of the same year. In the announcement, Asai stated that it was dubious that the four members would perform together in the future. A few days later, another announcement made it clear that the band members had changed their minds, and decided not to disband after all. An interview later revealed that there had been tension within the band related to Asai’s decision to focus on his garage rock project Pontiacs.
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