My Way My Love frontman, Yukio’s musical history includes successful
Japanese touring bands The Juice [Pony Canyon] & The Cimons [UK Project].
In the Cimons, The band was gaining notoriety in their home country having
played the Fuji Rock Festival, mixing their CD at the famed Abbey Road but
certain personal differences surfaced, and the band split up shortly after.
In 2000, Yukio decided to debut his new project, My Way My Love, in Tokyo.
Soon My Way My Love became a full-fledged rock outfit set forth to create new sounds across Japan.
Between 2001 & 2003 My Way My Love put that sound to disc with their
self-produced CDs, Dedicated to an Angel on Your Shoulder, “Boot Bum 1.0,
Boot Bum 0.9, Boot Bum 1.1 gained high remarks among fans of Japanese indie
rock. This got them spots on TV and radio, as well as plastered their faces
in magazines. They recently also took part in the “London Punk 1977 Tribute”
[Victor Entertainment], amongst other reputable Japanese bands like Kemuri
and Zooboms, performing a version of Wire’s Strange. which gained them
praise from both independent and major labels, being distributed in Japan by
3D (OOIOO, THE BOREDOMS). The band also wrote two songs for Japanese
pop-goth, movie & music star Sakurai Atsushi from Buck-Tuck called
“Hallelujah!” and “Explosion”.
A truly great noise rock band from tokyo that roamed in Japan and the US and
EUROPE for some time.They remind us of early “SONIC YOUTH” with some
beautiful melodies layered into it – plus a punk-feeling.Their latest
release ” It is but one of billions of galaxies in your universe ” (TROST
and hopefully there will be a brand new album later this year 2006, too.
They played tons of shows in japan and got lots of press in the national
indie-media in 2005. They released a cd on the american label
2006 … should finally bring their music to the ears of noise rock-fans all
over the world!
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