Wasureranneyo Formed in 2008 by Shibata Takahiro (Vo/G), Umetsu Takuya (B) and Sakata Koji (Dr), Wasureranneyo began their activities in Tokyo. In 4/2011, their song ‘C Kara Hajimaru ABC” was chosen as the ending theme song of a Nihon TV anime “Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku Hen.” After the release as a ringer tone and on digital download service, the same song was released in a CD package in 8/2011. Their 2nd single “Bokura Change the World” was released in 12/2011 and its PV attracted much attention for featuring a famous actor, Hagiwara Masato. Filled with Shibata’s excellent melodies and his sense of humor woven into the lyrics, their 1st album “Wasureranneyo” released in 3/2012 has gained the hearts of more and more listeners gradually. They released their brand new single “Kono Takanariwo Nanto Yobu” in 1/2013.
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