Misaki Iwasa


After winning the audition for 7th AKB48 trainees in 2009, she had been a part of “Team A” of AKB 48. She was also chosen to be a member of AKB 48’s sister unit “Watari Rouka Hashiritai 7”.
In 2012, she ranked in 33th place in “AKB 48 senbatsu election”. Around that time, she became a center position (one of the lead singers) for “Next Girls”, which lead her to receive more attention from the media and public.
She ranked 56th place for 2013 senbatsu election. Following year, she ranked 49th place, which made her to lead “Future Girls”.
Because of Misaki’s singing voice being clearly outstanding among her AKB 48 colleagues, she decides to take her path to become the first enka singer from AKB 48. She debuted as a first enka singer and the 3rd person to debut as a solo artist from AKB 48. She released “Mujin Eki” (Unmanned Station) in February 1st, 2012.
In January 2014, she released “Tomono Ura Bojyou” (Yearning in Tomono Ura City), which became a top selling song on Japanese national music chart. She was the first teen enka artist to have a best-selling song in 27 years. Also three of her singles consecutively became on the top 10 chart, which had not happened since 70’s.
In 2016, she released “Gomenne Tokyo, (I’m sorry Tokyo)”. A producer and founder of AKB 48, Mr. Akimoto Yasushi got involved in writing the lyrics for this song as well.
Misaki’s voice has matured and her transcendent voice expresses these love songs beautifully. It’s a must to check her out and her outstanding voice. She recently had a successful concert at Asakusa Koukaido Auditorium, among very famous enka Artist on January 30th. She made an official notice to leave AKB 48 and follow her path as a solo enka artist.
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