Hemenway / New Anime Opening Theme Song


Hemenway has been chosen for another anime opening theme song!! Taking after their first release of the year 2012, ‘By My Side’ chosen for the opening theme of “NARUTO -Shippuden-,” Hemenway’s new song ‘Escape’ will be the opening theme for “EUREKA SEVEN AO,” a new anime starting in April.
Here is a message from Isaac(Vo&Gt) who wrote the song:
“I’m extremely excited about having been chosen to write the opening theme song of “EUREKA SEVEN AO.” As I was reviewing the perspectives that the story was aiming to portray, I was surprised to find out how much the main character “Ao” and I myself have in common. I moved to the US from Korea when I was 12 years old and started off my teenage life there. I had quite a difficult time fitting into a completely new environment with different cultures and values from what I was used to. While I was struggling in such difficult times, the only thing that kept me going was Japanese music. It encouraged me through tough moments and kept me in hope that I would one day be able to pursue a musical career in Japan. With anticipation and hope for an escape to make dreams come true, I named the song title ‘Escape.’ I must admit that it took a lot of efforts to find the right lyrics that describe both Ao and me properly. I would still be happy if you can relate to my lyrics either way, through Ao or me. I truly wish ‘Escape’ will bring back good memories to reminisce about for all the viewers of “EUREKA SEVEN AO” and make the story all the more meaningful for everyone.”
You can listen to a sampling version of ‘Escape’ on Hemenway’s official website below (please allow popup windows). You can enjoy the song with the introduction of “EUREKA SEVEN AO” in a video clip on (access available only in Japan). Let the countdown begin for April!
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