Having an extensive and impressive career, GACKT is one of Japan’s most acclaimed pop-rock artists who is known throughout the world. Selling over 10 million copies of his works in Japan, including 17 singles and 8 albums, GACKT has also sold his releases in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian regions.
Not only does this talented man’s reputation acknowledge his music career, but he has also accomplished some work in the acting industry. In 2003GACKT wrote, directed and starred in the movie “MOON CHILD,” which was filmed in Taiwan.
In 2007, it was announced that GACKT would be the vocalist of the band S.K.I.N., which is comprised of other well-known musicians such as YOSHIKI, SUGIZO and miyavi. Even though GACKT is involved with S.K.I.N., he continues to work on his solo career.
On July 2, 2007, he reached a new high when his single RETURNER ~yami no shuuen~ was his first release to reach #1 on the Oricon charts.
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