Four Minutes Til Midnight


Four Minutes Til Midnight started like most bands do, in a garage between a couple of friends wanting to express themselves through music. The project which initially started with vocalist Eli Taylor and bassist Jonathan Green began to blossom in 2004 when the two moved to Hollywood California to attend the Musicians Institute. There they met guitarist Kenta Hayashi and drummer Joshua Vore. After playing only one show Jonathan Green left the band and was replaced by Andre Davis. Throughout the next few years Four Minutes Til Midnight began stepping into the southern California music scene playing venues such as: The House of Blues (Los Angeles and San Diego), the Viper Room, the Key Club, the Roxy, the Knitting Factory, B.B. King’s, the Troubadour, 4th&B and Canes. In 2006 Four Minutes Til Midnight released their first album “Oak Tree” followed by a 20 day tour of Japan. After returning from Japan the band relocated to San Diego to escape the smog and stress of L.A. In 2008 bassist Andre Davis was replaced U-Kay (Yu-suke Ikegaya). Most recently the band released their second album “Find my way”, a 10 song roller-coaster ride ranging from falsetto funk to blues rock. The release of the album was followed by a 2 month long tour of the U.S. as well as a 3 month tour of Japan. The band is currently back playing in the United States as well as writing and rehearsing for a new album. The four musicians reside in a “man cave” in Sonora Ca.