Toshi is known as the vocalist for X JAPAN and as a solo artist. As XJAPAN he sang at Madison Square Garden in New York in October 2014. He drew fifteen thousand audience, which is the highest record as a Japanese artist. In 2015, he released the first new album in 19 years, and went to the first world tour in three years.
In 2010, he changes his artist name as ToshI and resumer his career. Since then he has been balancing his band activity and solo career. In July he published his autobiography “Sennno-Jigoku no 12 nenkan Kara no Seikan”, which became a best seller. In March 2015, as ToshI, he released “Gunjo no Yugure” followed by “DINE & CONCERT” at hotel New Ohtani. At the show , he sang a wide range of songs from his band hits, solo hits to jazz standards. He proved his presence as the one and only vocalist in Japanese music scene at the premium concert.
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