RADWIMPS is a Japanese band formed in 2001 and made their major label debut in 2005.
The songs are free from the category. Not only rock but also jazz, hip hop, ethnic music weaved into their music. Songs has a wide variety with philosophical and sometimes romantic lyrics.
Even though they didn’t appear on the media much, it spread with their exciting live performance and by word of mouth. Their singles “Order made” and “DADA” which was released in 2008 and 2011 reached top on Japanese weekly chart. They gained a great popularity among the adolescence.”
2015 was their 10th anniversary and also was the year to forefeel the band’s next phase.
In the autumn of 2015, they’ve had their very first tour in Europe (France, Germany UK, and Belgium) and second tour in Asia(Korea and Taiwan). At the same time Satoshi Yamaguchi(drums) went on hiatus due to his chronic disease. After they came back to Japan, they had tour with the artists (米津玄師(Gensui Yonezu) /きのこ帝国(Kinokoteikoku) /plenty/ LOVE PSYCHEDELICO/ゲスの極み乙女。(Gesunokiwami otome) /ハナレグミ(Hanaregumi)/ クリープハイプ(Creephyp)/ Spitz/ いきものがかり(Ikimonogakari) /ONE OK ROCK/ Mr.Children) which they respects. This was also the first time to have tour with other artists. At the end of the year, they had live in Makuhari Messe filled with 30 thousand fans.
Those performances were recorded and ran on the theater as documentary movie called “RADWIMPSNOHESONOO”
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