Became hooked with black music during her high school years. From 2002, worked for 3 years at a record shop where she came to experiment with the turntable and a variety of different sounds. Soon after that, she began to play at clubs in Osaka Prefecture. As of now, she has played with many big-name artists and DJs, and regularly performs for such events as “Venom ill lounge” @ studio candy which attracts more than 600 people every time; “Jewel” @ ammona, a female DJ event; “Vintage” @ Camon, a weekly Sunday event, regular parties in Osaka Prefecture, and “Jelly Belly” @ CIPHER in Nagoya Prefecture where she performs regularly. She also performs outside of the Kansai Area, including Kanto, Tokai, Chubu, Shikoku, and Kyushu areas. In 2008, performed at a massive outdoor HIP HOP event in Singapore, and toured 3 cities within Taiwan (Taipei, Taoyuan, and Kaohsiung). Constantly stepping up in her professional career with having more than 15 shows a month, internationally.
In 2009, released 4 titles from FOCUS Kougyou: “Heartbeat” HIPHOP side, R&B side, “L Cruising”, and “THE BEST OF 2009”. Ambitious works that are filled with her unique charm.
Mainly selects HIPHOP tunes that powerfully shake the dance floor. She is the most sought-after female DJ from Kansai.