Takui Nakajima


Nakajima Takui, also known as TAKUI, born at 19 October 1978 (Fukuoka, Japan), is a multi-talented artist whose dedication to his craft and love of life can be felt through his upbeat songs. Tinged with a classic rock influence and filled with a special “something” that reaches out and touches listeners, Takui’s music has mellowed since he started in 1999 but still holds his strong messages of freedom and being true to oneself.
Takui grew up listening to classic rock like The Beatles and Elvis Presley, some of whose songs he has covered. Also of note is Takui’s clear and crisp voice. With his wide vocal range and distinct pronounciation of words, he easily reflects the straightforward messages of his songs. Takui has performed acoustic versions of many of his songs, a proof to his range of skills as an artist.
Despite his rising popularity at present, Takui had little success when he first debuted in 1994 with his band Maggie Mae, named after the Beatles’ song. However, he picked himself back up again and went solo in 1999 as TAKUI, under Sony management, debuting with the single TRIANGLE. In 2000, following a move to Columbia Music Entertainment, TAKUI released his first CD, NUCLEAR SONIC PUNK. Initially, TAKUI started out with a very visual kei look, possibly influenced by his mentor, X JAPAN’s legendary guitarist hide. hide’s band Zilch also backed-up Takui for NUCLEAR SONIC PUNK.
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