SONOMI was born in Aomori Aomori Prefecture on September 8th.
Her father is a music teacher and she grew up playing the piano, getting in touch with Acid Jazz, the led to club music, hip hop and R&B. She started thinking she would like to be on the stage singing.
She made her debut as the first artist from label” by KREVA with a single titled “Hitori Ja Nainoyo”.
In 2007, she made her major label tour with a single “Everyday☆Everyday”. She opened for her producer KREVA during his tour on the stages of Nippon Budokan, ROCK’IN JAPAN FES as well as that of the same venue where she performed for the first time when she was 19.
In September 2008, she released her first major full album titled “S.O.N.O”. Her stages are highly acclaimed with a variety of setting such as DJ set or piano vocal style, resonating her strong and flexible voice with great stage presence. Her music mixes the elements of rock, contemporary music and singer-song into her original style, for which she is highly acclaimed,too.
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