Sanae Jyounouchi


An “enka” singer born in Ibaraki Prefecture. Her real name is “Sanae Kimura”, and her maiden name was Jyounouchi. Her nickname at the time of Onyanko Club was “Ojou”.
Learned Japanese folk music and “shamisen” from a young age. In 1985, became member #17 of Onyanko Club by performing for “The・Scout Idol wo Sagase” section of the program “Yuuyake Nyan Nyan” aired by Fuji Television. In 1986, made her solo debut with the song “Ajisaibashi”. Became the only member to become an enka singer. Her debut single became the first enka song to mark 1st place on the chart on its first week.
In February 2008, transferred to Universal Music (Universal Sigma) and released “Kono Machi de”.
On September 22nd, 2010, transferred to Teichiku Entertainment (Teichiku Record) and released the single “Naki Suna Umikaze”. Won 1st place on the “Usen Request Chart”, not only under the pops and enka categories but also for the comprehensive category.
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