Madoka Kikuchi


Madoka Kikuchi is a “roukyokushi”/ “enka” singer born in Osaka.
In 2001, accepted as apprentice under Masahiro Naruse and received her stage name.
In 2005, debuted as a roukyokushi on February 12.
In 2006, was invited to a “kanroukai” at Shinjyuku Gyoen by the former Japanese Prime Minister, Jyunichirou Koizumi on April 15. Became the first roukyokushi to perform at the “Tenma Tenjin Hanjyou Tei”.
In January 2007, as an effort to revitalize “roukyoku” among the youger generation, formed the “Shinsei Roukyoku Shinsen Gumi” with youger roukyokushis and “shamisen” artists and has performed at various galleries and cafes. Formed “Naniwa Otome Gumi” with Nanafuku Tamagawa and Keiko Haruno in October.
In 2008, sang the Japanese national anthem, “Kimigayo” at the opening ceremony of the Orix vs. Softbank baseball game at the Kyocera Dome Osaka.
In February 2010, debuted as an “enka” singer with “Naniwaonna no Genki Bushi”.
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