Fumio Ito


Fumio Ito is one of the original members of KEMURI, a Japanese ska-core band. Ito, Tanaka, Shimoda (ex-members of Panino) and Tsuda (ex-member of Aggressive Dogs) came together to form a band later named “KEMURI.” As Ito went back and forth between Japan and the US, he submitted his demo tapes to local record shops and interacted with local musicians. KEMURI participated in 2 compliation albums in 1996 in the US and signed a contract with Roadrunner Japan. Ever since, the band has been active not only in Japan, but also in the US and France that they went on tours in both contries. KEMURI disbanded with their last live at ZEPP TOKYO on 12/9/2007.
After the disbandment of KEMURI, Ito contracted with Sony Music Artists and began his solo project. He participated in TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA’s album “Perfect Future” in 3/2008 as a guest vocalist. In 9/2008, he also participated in Ueda Gen’s tribute album “Sirius〜Tribute to UEDA GEN〜” for the cover of ‘Yume no Blanco.’ He also made his debut as an actor with a movie “Manatsu no Orion” open in 6/2009. He released a solo album “MIDAGE RIOT” on 10/21/2009.
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