KIYOHARU is a star of the Jrock genre, the Japanese equivalent of glam-rock. His newest single “LAW’S” made it to number 6 on the Oricon charts on January 13, 2010. Along with this latest achievement in his solo career, he recently announced the revival of his legendary bands Kuroyume and Sads.
Kuroyume is a band that made its major label debut in 1994 and broke up on January 29, 1999. Almost exactly 10 years after its breakup, they had a sold-out reunion concert at the Budokan on January 29 bringing 13,500 fans back into action. In fact, the legendary show sold out in minutes and recorded 100,000 people trying to order tickets).
After Kuroyume broke up, KIYOHARU formed Sads, to continue on with his music. Sads sound was praised as being on par with the best of heavy rock, and this band also had a record show at the Budokan.
In recent years, KIYOHARU has been appearing solo– sometimes playing songs from his Kuroyume or Sads days. He has come to feel that his separate ‘solo’ and ‘band’ careers should be unified.
KIYOHARU never wanted to simply redo his “band career” and his fans never expected him to play with these bands again, and that is why so much excitement followed the news that these classic bands are with us again, with KIYOHARU there in charge, leading us in new directions.
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