Rie fu


Rie fu (ree-ay-fu) (singer/songwriter/painter) Born in Tokyo, starts writing songs during high school with a borrowed guitar from her brother. The demo tape caught the attention of Sony Music Japan, and makes her debut in 2004, while studying Fine Art painting at the University of the Arts London. Her debut single, “decay” (yes, this was the title for a debut single) was heavily-rotated on radio stations all over Japan. In 2005, single “I wanna go to a place…” became the ending theme for an anime “Gundam”, and entered top 5 on the national music chart. She has been singing in venues in London, Europe, New York, Japan,etc. Now based in Tokyo, she also constantly does solo painting exhibitions. She has released 5 albums so far(2011), each album having different themes. The latest album is a session album, each song collaborating with unique artists including a legendary Japanese rapper. Rie fu continues to evolve both as a songwriter and a painter.
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