Seira Kagami


Seira was born and raised in Tokyo, but her father was raised in Canada (half French, half Polish), so she is mixed with Japanese, French and Polish. She has been modeling since she was 12 years old.She started working for teen magazines and so on. In 2 years, She was on a TV commercial for a Wedding magazine called “Zekushii” from the company “Recruit”. Also, She was on a cell phone commercial for “J-Phone” with Dragon-Ash theme song and many other commercials. Now, she is advertising a face lotion called “Freeplus” commercial for the Japanese leading cosmetic company,Kanebo, and McDonald’s promoting their product called “Cinnamon Melts”.She went to the University of Toronto, in Canada, came back to Tokyo, Japan, and started her career as an actress, singer and a model. On October 24th, 2007, her debut song “Kaleidoscope/Lonely Light” was released.
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