The original characters of HANGRY&ANGRY were illustrated by GASHICON. The two characters HANGRY and ANGRY were drawn in the “gurokawa” (grotesque/cute) style and this transitions to real life in the musical unit. According to their story, the two characters traveled from their home in the H44 Star Nebula in their “LOVE MACHINE” time-travel device. Coming back in time, their mission is to save present day Earth from global warming.
On the 10th of October 2008, HANGRY&ANGRY’s Official Japanese MySpace opened. In its first four days, the page received over 100,000 profile views. At the beginning of November the band were also promoted by a sustained “posterjack” campaign which lead to the back streets of Harajuku district in Tokyo being plastered with advertising posters announcing the start of HANGRY&ANGRY’s activities.
On the 19th of November, their first mini-album Kill Me Kiss Me indies CD was released simultaneously in both the Japan and USA.
HANGRY&ANGRY performed their first live show performance on the 28th of November at the MySpace Japan’s 2nd Anniversary event which was held at the Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall.
In April of 2009, HANGRY&ANGRY debuted overseas at Sakura-con in Seattle, Washington. By July, the girls jetted to California, appearing at Anime Expo. That fall, HANGRY&ANGRY hit the recording studio and released the new album Sadistic Dance in Japan and Germany by November.
By May of the following year, the duo performed their first overseas tour in Europe, appearing in Germany, Finland, France and the United Kingdom. In October, HANGRY&ANGRY appeared at New York’s Anime Festival.
While HANGRY&ANGRY have not announced any plans for 2011, fans should keep an eye on this duo as they continue to shine in their new unit.
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