T.M.Revolution / Limited Edition of “FLAGS” 限定盤発売決定


Celebrating the 15th year anniversary since his debut, T.M.Revolution is releasing the very first single of year 2011.The new single title song ‘FLAGS’ has been chosen as the opening theme song for the movie and game of “Sengoku BASARA.” This song is an upbeat T.M.R-signature rock number. ‘The party must go on’ is also used for the movie as the ending theme song. It’s definitely a must-listen CD!
デビュー15周年を迎えた2011年第1弾シングル。『戦国BASARA』劇場版&ゲームのオープニング起用の「FLAGS」は、T.M.Rらしいハイテンションなロック・ナンバー。「The party must go on」も劇場版エンディング曲に起用されている。必聴の一枚だ!
“FLAGS”Release on 6/22/2011ESCL-3701~2 / 1,575 yen (tax in)
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