Tickets are now on sale for SUGIZO and INORAN’s live stream “battle” event “SUGIZO vs INORAN PRESENTS BEST BOUT 2021~L2/5~”


As previously reportedLUNA SEA guitarists SUGIZO and INORAN will be live streaming a special “battle” event titled SUGIZO vs INORAN PRESENTS BEST BOUT 2021~L2/5~ on June 9th.

BEST BOUT is a series of events that have been held in various places over the past five years. The first one took place at Zepp DiverCity in 2016, and the second one in Osaka and Tokyo in 2017, later expanding into an overseas tour. This upcoming event will be the third instalment in the series, and it will be held without an in-person audience due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. It will be the first in the series to be live streamed.

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