3rd Installment in Konomi Suzuki’s 3-Month Consecutive Release Mr Love: Queen’s Choice featuring Konomi Suzuki “Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)” Audio & Promotional Video Finally Revealed!


Securing 3 television anime tie-ups for summer 2020, the promotional video of Konomi Suzuki’s single “Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)”, which will go on sale on September 2nd as the 3rd installment in her 3-month consecutive release, was released on YouTube on July 11 and its audio has also been revealed!

She released “Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)”, the ending theme for television anime “Love and Producer ~EVOL×LOVE~”, under the name “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice featuring Konomi Suzuki”!

A winter ballad dedicated to the midsummer, the song was composed by artist and creator, Takui Nakajima. Pioneering a new frontier for Konomi Suzuki.

The coupling track “Live it up!” is a light pop tune composed and arranged by Yusuke Kato, who composed the background music for the television anime “Love and Producer ~EVOL×LOVE~”, and features lyrics by Miho Karasawa, who is also active under the name TRUE.
The TV-sized version of “Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)” was released digitally on music streaming platforms on July 16 (Thu).

In addition, Suzuki will perform “Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)” live for the first time with a band at the no-audience concert “Konomi Suzuki 6th Live Tour ~Unveil “ZERO”~” to be held on July 19 (Sun) through television & video entertainment “ABEMA”’s new “PayPerView” function.
With the current problems in holding concerts, this concert, despite being a no-audience concert, will be broadcast live online with the hopes of bringing smiles and energy to many through the power of music. It will be broadcast live online in 3 parts.

Furthermore, image samples of “Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)” original novelties have also been revealed for each store. Novelties will feature other cuts of Konomi Suzuki’s jacket image and illustrations from “Love and Producer ~EVOL×LOVE~”. While stocks last so do pre-order your copy early.

You can’t take your eyes off Konomi Suzuki this summer! Please experience that singing voice for yourself!


“Maioritekita Yuki (舞い降りてきた雪)” Promotional Video