ANGERME to announce their new single release on YouTube!


Japanese hyper idol group ANGERME will release their new single on August 26th,2020 (Double A side).

Member is announcing their new single release, and showing new MV of their new single “Limited Moment (Kagiriaru Moment) on ANGERME’s own YouTube channel.

New Single:
“ KAGIRIARU Moment (Limited Moment/ Mirror Mirror)”

<Comment from Members>
“Last single was the first single since I became a leader of a group. I was very anxious, but that was #1 on ORICON chart. I was thrilled and very happy. Members graduated one and other. The result of #1 news has positive impact to myself. Many people, I can’t believe how many people: congratulate for our achievement. (lol)

New single can show you new members grows. I thought it myself after I saw complete of new song. Music Video is very cool, and want to keep watching. We look forward to perform in front of everybody. I hope everybody look forward to see us too!

We had to postpone our single release due to COVID-19. But I am happy to announce new release to everybody. I appreciate for everybody’s support.”

This is a new single after 9 months from last single. And this should be the last single for me,- Musubu Funaki. I’ve been watching older graduate to say “Last single”, and imagine how I feel

when I use it. Release date postponed. I felt little strange because it took time.

For new Music Video- It starts with our serious face with fire. You can see our strength by it.

It came out very cool.

I look forward to perform this new single in front of everybody.

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