Violinist Ayasa’s First-ever YouTube Live Broadcast!! On 26 April (Sun) JST!!


Rock violinist Ayasa will broadcast live on YouTube for the first time starting at 8PM, Japan standard time, on 26 April 2020 (Sun) through her channel “Ayasa channel” which has over 500 thousand subscribers.

26 April would have been the day of the Osaka concert in the Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka tour had it not been postponed.

Ayasa, who has been “doing everything she can for now” and actively uploading performance videos, has planned this broadcast with the hope of being able to respond to the feelings of fans who had been looking forward to the concert.

According to the staff, the broadcast will be run with “utmost care and at the smallest scale”, hence it will be completely different from what the concert would have been like but still a time to enjoy Ayasa’s live performance and talk sections.

The YouTube Super Chat function will also be available during the broadcast, so this may be the chance for your comment to get Ayasa’s attention. Registration of credit card details is required so we recommend users who wish to try the Super Chat function prepare in advance.

Comment from Ayasa
I hope everyone can relax and have fun together(*´ω`*) Please do come to see the show.

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