Interview ! HYDE [VAMPS] North America Tour Vol.2 San Francisco



──The North American tour VAMPS North American Tour 2016 With Special guest Citizen Zero is starting on November 6th . So you wanted to do your own headline tour?

HYDE: One of the purposes for international shows is to get more exposure to potential fan base, we were reluctant to do the headline tour. But our management insisted that we do the tour for next year. Then we said why not. This could give us good experience.

──So this is for fueling up your upcoming US activity from nest year.

HYDE: Yes. It will be a milestone so we get to say we did this and we wanna do that in 2017. I’m writing for our next album. Once the album is out, our US activity will actually launch.

──What’s your motivation for North America Headline Tour?

HYDE: We were outsiders when we toured with SIXX:A.M. Most audience were like !What on earth is this Japanese band?” It was as if we were thrown into a battle field. We constantly were thinking how we could make our music come across. This could be something similar. Though we are the headliner, the North American audience can be quite harsh and straight forward, I still feel the battlefield ahead.

──Will that be tougher than the previous Central and South American tour?

HYDE: North America is basically an English speaking country. Those who grew up speaking it won’t listen to music in other languages or music from other countries. Sometimes UK songs become big hits but that’s still rare. They’re domestically satisfied.

──That sounds like harsh battlefield.

HYDE: It sums down to the word to try to get your songs accepted in such a country. But we also learned some lesson from the previous tour, so we just gotta give it another try. It was a bit insecure to perform in unfamiliar circumstance. Now I feel like we can do a bit better. That’s what I’m trying to work out.

──What do you mean by insecurity? Like mentally?

HYDE: Yeah. It feels unusual, right? The audience are not as welcoming as the Japanese enthusiastic fans. Performing in such a situation can be stressful. How can we get over that stress? How are we going to face it? How should we feel? I think we can do better in these respects.

──The first day of <VAMPS North American Tour 2016 With Special guest Citizen Zero>will be in San Francisco. You have performed there several times and the musical variety there might make it easier for you, I think. What do you see in San Francisco audience?

HYDE: They are basically the same. I just think I shouldn’t do anything musically radical in the midst of America. The city itself is pretty and I love cram chowder.

VAMPS North American Tour 2016 With Special guest Citizen Zero
11/06 (Sun) San Francisco, CA Social Hall SF
11/07 (Mon) Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theater
11/10 (Thu) Mexico City, Mexico Teatro Metropolitan
11/13 (Sun) New York, NY Irving Plaza
11/14 (Mon) Toronto, ON Lee’s Palace
11/15 (Tue) Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge

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