Ram is from Osaka. Her artist name came from her legal name Ramu Fukuno. Her family are all in the industry . She started joining a theater company at the age of four, and when she was in the third grade, she joined an actor’s school. She moved to an agency which provides her acting lesson, where she discovered her ambition for singing career.
At the age of 21, she got accepted in the audition for “DIVA”, a dance vocal spin-off group of AKB48. She was determined to give her all as if it were her last chance but once in the group with a single “Lost the way”, she was not skilled enough to take the responsibility of the singer in the group. And on November 30th 2014, DIVA broke up right after the show at Makuhari Messe. Devastated to see her path for becoming a singer shattered off, she also took in the rebound power to push her forward and met a chance at the audition for Hood Sound. SJ PMX was looking for a female singer to develop, and she won the audition by conveying fully what she has been through and where she is going to. This instantly opened a door for her. DJ PMX produced “It’s Alright feat. AK-69, YOUNG DAIS (N.C.B.B), DJ☆GO, Ram” and a seven-song EP was dropped on the 22nd of June. Her first artist debut was all piured into these seven songs.
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