Survive Said The Prophet


Tatsuya(Guitars), Yudai(Bass), Yosh(Vocals), Show(drums), Ivan(Guitars)
Survive Said The Prophet, known as “Sava Pro” was formed in Tokyo 2011. Their music is often categorized as Emo-Hard Core due to the heavy and emotional sound but their music woven over the members’ diverse musicality exceeds that single existing category.
In 2011, they released “Let Us Party” and the self titled EP released in May the following year created a buzz, leading them to the performance with major artists such as Man With A Mission. In 2013, “California with April” was released showcasing their new and catchy pop punk element as a download single. This led them to the opening performance for artists such as Soulja Boy, Mayday Parade, and Chunk! no Captain Chunk. Later, they performed at “Rock In Taichung” in Taiwan and “Silvermine Bay Music Festival” in Hong Kong, sharing stages with major artists such as Supper Moment, Dirty Loops, and still drawing attention to their solid performance. In 2014, the band settled on the existing form and they went on a tour with singles sold exclusively at the venue, “MeIaM” and “Cocoon” ( the latter sold out in 6 months), letting their names known throughout the country. They also joined “REDLINE RIOT “ along with Crystal Lake, NOISEMAKER, wrong city sold exclusively at TOWER RECORDS. They draw attention as ever rising upcoming band. In 2015 they released their first nationally distributed CD “Course Of Action”. They went onto a successful headliner tour ,ending at Shibuya Quattro. In 2016, They got signed to ZESTONE RCORDS. They are constantly evolving, going beyond the genre of emo-music and leading the music scene redefining the emo-music as an international rock band.
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