Mystic Floor


Mystic Floor
Mystic Floor is a music duo consisting of Japanese producers Kensuke Ohmi and Maho Fukami.
Kensuke had worked for a lot of multimedia projects (ex.ringtones, karaoke) and some projects for games such as “Guitarooman””Ouendan!”.
He plays th…e guitar, the bass guitar and the synthesizer.
In 2002, he founded a music production “noisix Inc.” and has a professional recording studio “noisix Studio” in Tokyo.
In 2009, established a music label for next digital generation “noisix Recordings”.
Maho had worked for some major projects for artists such as “BoA” “Hitomi” and “Every Little Thing”,
and these songs have sold 2 milion copies in Japan.
And she is also as known as a solo artist “miimu”.
She plays the piano, Fender Rhodes and the synthesizer.
They had worked for some projects together.
Their works included projects with YAMAHA, CASIO and Roland.
Now they have been hard at work on games and web contents.
And, Mystic Floor was formed by them in 2008.
In 2009, their 1st album “Shadow of a Moment” was released from noisix Recordings.
This album contains “Shadow of a Moment (One Second Mix)”,
the song was written for a unique project created by photographer Yukinori Tokoro.
Using Yukinori’s photographs as inspiration, they created a song based on his images.
In Feb. 2010, “Airport ’75 (Prog Mix)” and “Lost My Heart (Prog Mix)” spined out from “Shadow of a Moment” was released on digital format.
In Mar. 2010, “Yukinori Tokoro One Second Compilation” that includes “Shadow of a Moment (One Second Mix)” was released.
Then they didn’t keep making musics but also got the future direction for next one. More progressive, more powerful…
In May. 2010, “Not Calling” was released. This song is featured Maho’s beautiful piano in progressive tune.
In Jun. “Pumpin'” was released. It is an electro tune with tape delayed dirty bass.
In Oct. “Song for You” was released. It’s a glossy autumn night tune with a sweet vocal and vintage Rhodes.
In Nov. “Atmosphere” was released.
They produced it for Yukinori Tokoro’s 1sec Photo Exhibition in Shanghai, 2010 Nov.
The jacket art was slecteted by him. And They djing for Yukinori’s exhibition at epSITE Shanghai in an art area Moganshan Lu.
Using Traktor pro on MacBookPro with Vestax VCI-100, they djing electro, progressive and trance with their own stuff.
Finally, Their 2nd full album “Song for You” was released in Feb. 2011.
It is filled with catchy vocal, melodious piano and guitar.
Now, Kensuke works for his own label’s artists Acid Brothers, miimu and Weekly Piano as a producer.
Maho produces animated duo “Acid Brothers” and original paino solo series “Weekly Piano”.
And they have made a few songs for next album.
Today they keep making musics from Tokyo with love.
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