SID Members: Mao (vocal), Shinji (guitar), Aki (bass), Yuya (drums)
Formed in 2003, SID made their major debut with a single “Monokuro no Kiss” in 10/2008. During the same year, the tickets for their Budokan were sold out in 2 minutes. In 2009, they released a single “Uso” in April and their very 1st major album “hikari” in July in which each ranked #2 on Oricon Chart, the highest Oricon ranking in SID’s history. With these two releases and their rankings, SID rapidly gained much attention and recognition. They attracted an audience of 40,000 for their live at Tokyo Dome held in 12/2010 and established themselves as one of the top bands in Japan. Upon the release of their new album “M&W” in 8/2012, SID went on a nationwide tour which brought together an accumulative audience of 100,000.
As SID are celebrating their 10th year anniversary this year, their very first best collection album “SID 10th Anniversary BEST” ranked #1 on Oricon Weekly Chart. They held their 10th anniversary live “SID 10th Anniversary LIVE” at Yokohama Stadium on 4/6 in a heavy rain, yet with a great turnout. Their brand new single is on its way to be released in July and a large-scale outdoors live tour “SID 10th Anniversary TOUR 2013” will kick off on 7/27.
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