Shinsei Kamattechan


Shinsei Kamattechan is a Japanese alternative rock band from Chiba. Formed in 2007, the band consists of Noko (lead vocal, guitar, keyboard, razor), Mono (bandleader, keyboard, guitar, tambourine), Misako (drums), and Chibagin (bass, chorus).
The band have grown an organic fanbase via online videos and so on, which is unusual in Japan. They released their debut album, “Tomodachi Wo Koroshite Made”, which means “To Kill A Friend”, on 10 March 2010 on the indie label Perfect Music, which is run by their management company of the same name.
They later gained a deal with major label Warner Music Japan, with the album “Tsumanne”, which means “Boring” following on that label on 22 Dec 2010. On the same day, they also release “Minna Shine” (“Everyone Die”) on Perfect Music.
Their music is a strange blend of pop melodies and piano with dark lyrics and punk sensibilities. Most of their songs are digitally altered by frontman Noko, who also uses heavy delay and pitchshifting effects on his vocals.
Shinsei Kamattechan have received a lot of media attention in Japan, although Noko rarely does interviews.
They have also attracted attention from English-language media. They were interviewed (without Noko) in a video on the website of British magazine NME at Summer Sonic 2010. and by The Japan Times newspaper, and their debut album, Tomodachi Wo Koroshite Made, was reviewed by Metropolis magazine. They have also been mentioned in various blogs.
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