Takashi Utsunomiya


Takashi Utsunomiya was born on October 25th in Tokyo.
He formed TM NETWORK with Tetsuya Komuro and Naoto Kine in 1983 and in 1984 the band debuted from EPIC/SONY. They released hits such as “SELF CONTROL” “「GET WILD” and in 1988 they had a successful Tokyo Dome show. This year their performances incorporated musical elements, going to 26 cities all over Japan. In 1990, they changed the band name to TMN and he released his solo single as T.UTSU titled “Trouble in Heaven”.
TMN broke up in May 1994 at the stage of Tokyo Dome 2 day show. Next year, he released two singles as BOYO-BOZO , a duo project with Dashi Ishii. Since then he has been active not only as a singer but also in other genres such as playing the main character in “RENT” for two years in a row.1 IN 1999, TM NETWORK reunited and in 2000, their music evolved into a dance music with progressive elements.
In April, 2002, he signed with R&C Japan and released a single titled “blue reincarnation”. In July, he released his second single from the label “Remedy” and an album “TEN to TEN”. In September 2003, he released his 6th album, “wantok” produced by Ken Yoshida.
April 2004 marked TM NETWORK’s 20th anniversary and the band had a celebration concert titled “TM NETWORK DOUBLE-DECADE”NETWORK”in YOKOHAMA ARENA” at Yokohama Arena. In May, they went on to seven city-10 venue tour “TM NETWORK 20th Anniversary Tour titled “TM NETWORK DOUBLE-DECADE TOUR “NETWORK”.
In 2005, he released monthly solo single as downloads and released his best album titled “TAKASHI UTSUNOMIYA THE BEST 2000-2004”. In July, he launched his new project “NEW PROJECT「U_WAVE”
On December 9th his solo’s 15th anniversary tour “AKASHI UTSUNOMIYA CONCERT TOUR 2007 Solo 15th Anniversary” started , going to four cities and six venues. He kept actively performing, and in 2012 he performed as TM NETWORK at the stage of “ALL THAT LOVE -give&give-」” held at Makuhari Messe, along with Kome Kome Club and PRINCESS PRINCESS. In April, their performance at Nippon Budokan from “ TM NETWORK CONCERT -Incubation Period-」” was live streamed at 118 theaters in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Also on September 8th his tour titled Takashi Utsunomiya Solo 20th Anniversary Tour 2012 20miles” started, going to eight cities and 14 venues.」
In May 2013, he had to postpone his Saitama Super Arena Show titled “TM NETWORK FINAL MISSION -START investigation-” for pancreatic cancer surgery. In 2014 he devoted himself in TM NETWORK’s 30th anniversary promotion
In September 2015, he had three city, eight venue tour titled “Takashi Utsunomiya U_WAVE 10th Anniversary Tour 2015 -FIFTH ELEMENT-”.
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