2002, was vocal in a band since I was in junior high school in Machida local Toukyou & Guitar “NARU”, based on “KOJI”, including three who formed MASTERLINK. Irrespective of the existing band image, which featured in pursuit of a sound source driving in a big way, starting in his home studio sound production. And they have created a miraculous demonstration CD from moving in all.
In 2003, TOKYO FM sent a demo of the audition shows. The overwhelming number of votes in winning the Grand Prix then listeners vote. In March, the show hosted live events held at Harajuku Astro Hall, “ELLEGARDEN”, “NANANINE” appeared with them. And this is the first live virtually.
Members of the media took a voice from the start and from this time and record companies.
In October 2003 the show has another five weeks to achieve the sound of their tournament by a vote of the general listener realizes studio guest. The Grand Prix LIVE as Shibuya Ruido K2 also made appearances on LIVE.
In 2004, the drum YASU to join, and do music production at a phenomenal pace.
In May 2006, Live Shibuya O-WEST contest held at the awards by music magazine.
2008 ranking of the independent sites “ENJINE TUNE” at month 1 ranked in both weeks.
Spring of 2009, along with many great artists of national and international Odiopotaburupureya new series of well-known original songs are pre-installed but independent. The site was chosen to deliver the PICK UP, over 1,000 downloads a month.
That fall, MySpace is the current director of the company’s track record had improved to the music, attracted by its high musicality to listen to one
In January 2010, the current record deal after all.
Confidence in the response to certain songs, now “MASTERLINK” to jump to the world.
-Line Up-
Vocal,Guitar,Programing : NARU
Bass : KOJI
Drums : YASU
Offical Website: