AKB48 First Show in Philippine Was a Great Success



AKB48’s Team 8 performed at Cool Japan Festival held in Philippine on November 7th and 8th for the total of 4 shows in 2 days.

This is the first time for AKB48 to visit Philippine. Though the sun was burning hot like the summer in Japan, they performed with smiles and cheerfulness, responding to the fan’s applause. This event was organized to introduce Japanese culture to people in Philippines. AKB Team 8 performed not only AKB48 songs such as “Akitakatta”, “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”, “47 no Sutekina Machi he” but also their originals. The venue was filled with their local fans in matching T shirts or with flags bearing the members’ faces and names.

Cool Japan Festival

November 7th (Sat) 3PM/ 6PM
November 8th (Sun) 3PM/6PM
Tri Norma Mall (Philippine Quezon)

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