KAO=S Performed at “Hanabi Matsuri”, a Diplomatic Friendhip’s 120th Anniversary Event in Sao Paulo



“Hanabi Matsuri(Fireworks Festival), a special event to celebrate Japan and Brazil’s friendship 120th anniversary held on September 12th at Intel Lagos circuit in Sao Paulo, featured a Japanese art rock band, KAO=S. Their music showing shamisen, sword dance, Japanese folk over rock arrangement charmed a lot of audience.

The temperature on the day was as low as 15 degrees, and it was so cold with drizzles time to time that the audience’s breath was fogged up. Despite the unfriendly wather for an outside event, approximately 10 thousand people showed up to experience Japanese food stands such as yakisoba or takoyaki, and attractions and exbitions including Hello Kitty.

KAO=S came up on the stage at three in the afternoon. The opening tune was “Tugaru Jyongara Bushi “played by the shamisen player, Jack and his play with thick intonation created distinctive groove among the audience, catching them in awe instantly. Then that shamisen sound turned into distorted tone from Marshall amp on “Roaring Tokyo”, setting whole mood in a different vibe. The guitar and percussion creates heavy groove shaking up the audience bodies, calling out for claps as well. The vocal and performer Kawaguchi showed up with a scarlet umbrella in her hand, welcomed by enthusiastic scream.

Then followed “Jiware”, a son with catchy chorus and after brief introduction talk, “Koujyo no Tsuki “ was played with the guitarist/leader, Yamagiri singing a new rendition of the old Japanese song. Yamagiri’s voice showed off its high range by which many audience got moved.
After changing her costume, Kawabuchi sang two new songs from their upcoming album, “Maboroshi” and “Kuroda Bushi”. Even though the Brazilians did not know that Kurodabushi is an old folk but they responded instantly when Jack urged them to clap their hands over the rock and exotic arrangement.

The last but not the least, came “Sakura no Oni”, a signature instrumental tune by KAO=S. When the intro started playing the audience who had already checked out the tune gave a big scream. Seeing the energetic sword performance by Kawabuchi over the sophisticated but strong music, put the audience in a daze, in an extraordinary daze.

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