Sally Miura


Sally Miura, a 24-years old female singer from Akita prefecture, is a beautiful and intelligent woman who graduated from Ferris University. She made her pre-debut with “Aitakute…feat. JOYSTICKK” in December 2010. This song finished second in a music contest done via a blind questionnaire with Shibuya high school girls, and attracted the largest number of hits on a major lyrics search site right after it became available. She also created a buzz by featuring Mizuki Nishikawa, a popular model from the magazine “Popteen”, in the promotional videos for her first three digital singles. In 2011, she released her second digital single “Baby Friend feat. CICO from BENNIE K” in February and the third digital single “Aishiteru feat. CLIFF EDGE” in July. In October, she was featured in the first digital single from CLIFF EDGE’s album “Shizuku feat. Sally Miura”. She also wrote a new song “Mada Kimi no Koto (Short ver.)” based on the broken-hearted episodes submitted by users of the popular cell phone site Recochoku, and released it as a free download. Moreover, she was featured in the October issue of the popular women’s fashion magazine “CanCam”, made the cover page and the magazine’s in-train advertising. In December, she released the fourth digital single “Tatoeba Moshi…feat. Daichi”. In February 2012, the fifth digital single “Shiroi Ringo No Hana feat. Double K” was released. “Koi No Uta ~Kimi Ni Deaete~”, the first single from her debut album, was released in April. This song became #1 on the blind questionnaire with Shibuya high school girls, as well as on the lyrics search site. On April 11th, she finally made her much-anticipated major debut with two mini albums “Naki Uta” and “Koi No Uta”. Currently, her seventh digital single “Setsunainowa…”, a song about a girl who was deceived by her boyfriend, is available online.
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