Faint★Star is a girl pop duo active in and outside of Japan, formed by HINA and YURIA.
Ever since their debut in 2014, they released four singles and one album. Their first album “PL4E” ranked first in OTOTOY high resolution daily and weekly chart, and was ranked 6th in Jpop Best album of the year by Music Magazine.
Their existence is drawing attention from overseas as well. After their successful first performance in May 2015 in Indonesia in front of 200 thousand people, they started getting booked overseas. In August, They performed at “J-Pop SUMMIT” in San Francisco, followed by consecutive 3 shows in Indonesia for three months in a row. They are now turned into a comic book in Indonesia and they are also ambassadors for My Kawaii Style, a fashion website.
They are also known for remix collaborations with Shinichi Osawa, Hideki Kaji, HABANERO POSSE, and ARKGOLF. Their new single “Nevaeva” released on April 9th 2016 was picked for the film “Dokumushi” theme song, and also for April ending theme2 for Sakigake Music, featuring remixes by ☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo, and Yoshikatsu Ikeuchi.
The girls also have regular shows titled “Faint★Star Presents Tokyo Sound Collection”, inviting guests such as Yasuyuki Konishi, Hideki Kaji, ☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo, and Yoshikatsu Ikeuchi.
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