Chiquita Banana TV Commercial Received The 52nd Galaxy Award. The Music Is Produced by a Japanese Singer-songwriter, Mayu Wakisaka.



Mayu Wakisaka, a Japanese singer-songwriter, who has been actively performing domestically and internationally has just produced an acoustic instrumental track for Chiquita Banana’s web and TV commercial. The commercial features flip-book styled animation of pin-drawings on bananas. Hard to imagine? Just click the Youtube link. Seeing is Believing.

The non-narrative footage just with the animation and the music went viral and awarded with the 52nd Galaxy Award, which is given to most prominent work of media including TV, radio, news, drama and others. The fun of the banana-art invented by multi-talent artist, End Cape, created a big buzz and the heart warming acoustic sound created by Mayu Wakisaka helped the bananas tell the story.

“It was my first time composing an instrumental tune and also first time writing for a commercial.” says Wakisaka.

“But I’ve been inspired by music featured in TV dramas, films and commercials. So for me, it happened really naturally and was fun!”.

If you haven’t checked out the commercial, please do now!

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