Shanti (Shanti Snyder) is a half Japanese/American lyricist, singer, songwriter, and music TV host based in Japan. She performs with a few different formations in the Tokyo area in some of the best clubs and has also appeared with many top artists. Shanti’s voice is also well known worldwide through her collaborations with Yoko Kanno, notably in Escaflowne the Movie.
Shanti is also a frequent lyricist and vocalist for commercials, working with many Tokyo based CM song production companies and/or advertising agencies. recording songs and narrations for businesses such as Coca-Cola, Tokyo Disney Resort, Xerox and many more.
In 2008, the song called “Home” that Shanti co-wrote with Hajime Yoshizawa featured her voice. It got attention in Japan when it was used for a Caffe Latte ad campaign featuring Scarlet Johannsen. In June 2008, when the song was pre-released on iTunes to promote Hajime Yoshizawa’s “Japan” album, it was #1 on iTunes for a short time.
Shanti’s debut album, “Share My Air,” was recorded in Paris with some of France’s top musicians.[1] The album was released in Japan on the Hayama label.
From October 2008 until March 2010, Shanti was the co-host for J-Melo an NHK World music program that’s broadcast worldwide.
She is also a talented artist and has done a few exhibitions already.
She wrote 4 songs on J-pop singer Crystal Kay’s debut album, C.L.L Crystal Lover Light.
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