Plastic Tree


Plastic Tree was formed by Ryutaro Arimura and Tadashi Hasegawa inDecember of 1993.
Plastic Tree began to attract a following through continuation of live concerts, and their major label debut landed in June 1997 with ” 割れた窓
” (“Wareta-mado”).
The band is winning over fans around the globe with their melodic and powerful sound as well as their striking looks. Drawing influences from a healthy wealth of rock, pop and hardcore, Plastic Tree has constructed a distinctive sound of unforgettable voice and melodies. In July of 2006 Plastic Tree embarked on their first tour, delivering their musical inpirations globally.
The year 2007 was a milestone for Plastic Tree’s career as they accomplished the 10th anniversary concert in Budo-kan in September, and the band is planning for their second live concert in Budo-kan on the 30th of August in 2009.
Who knows what the futre will hold for Plastic Tree, but the triad is ready to deliver their own style not only to Japanese rock scene but also to the entire world.
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Twitter: Ryutaro!/Pla_ryutaro