WEAVER represents Japan at a music festival in Singapore



WEAVER returned to Japan in July from studying abroad in London. They are currently in the midst of their Japan tour. The band will also represent Japan at “Sundown Festival 2014” that will be held in Singapore on November 22.

“Sundown Festival” is an annual festival that focuses on Asian music and culture. Its mission is to showcase the diversity of Asian entertainment and to bring together Asian cultures and entertainment. The number of participating countries has increased every year. In 2014, there will be performances by artists from 11 countries including Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and Singapore.

WEAVER played their first overseas show in Singapore in 2012. They then played their second Singapore show in September of that same year. In May 2013, WEAVER also played “J-Rock Matters” for “Music Matters 2013”, one of the world’s three biggest music trade fairs. The band is steadily increasing their name recognition and experience in Asia, and this will be their fourth show in Singapore. WEAVER have finished their time studying abroad and have matured greatly. It will be a good opportunity for the band to show their new stage performance in Asia.

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