Live Viewing of GLAY EXPO in theaters of Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan



It was announced that GLAY will be holding a Live viewing broadcast of the <GLAY EXPO 2014 TOHOKU 20th Anniversary> on September 20th (Sat.) at Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi (Miyagi Stadium) to 52 theaters within the country, and also movie theaters of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

GLAY had their 20 year anniversary since debut this year on 2014, and this will be the first in 10 years, awaited for a long time by everybody. The members have wanted “to make everyone in the Tohoku area smile” and the Hitomebore Stadium Miyagi Performance in Tohoku had been already announced, but with the increase of technology, participation from not only within the country but from Asia will be possible with Live viewing. The theme song is their 50th single “BLEEZE”, and great excitement of the audience can be expected in each theaters.

Summary of the Live Viewing
◇Title: Live Viewing “LAY EXPO 2014 TOHOKU 20TH Anniversary”
◇Date & Time: Sept. 20th (Sat.) 2014 Starting 4:30PM
◇Site: 52 Theaters of Japan, Movie Theaters of Hong Kong and Taiwan *Opening time different depending on site

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