NoaNowa is a 5-member band led by vocalist and celloist Yukko. The other members consist of Gou on guitar, nakame on bass, Arayama Riku on keyboard, and Honma Junta on drums.
The origins of the band started back in Yukko and Gou’s high school days, where they formed an alternative rock band, with Yukko on guitar and vocals. However they had to disband when the other members withdrew. In 2003, Gou invited nakame, a fellow club member of Goh’s in college, and formed “noanowa” with Yukko. After nakame joined, Yukko switched from guitar to cello, Arayama and Honma joined, and they established a more modern form of musicianship, which remains to this day.
The band’s name stresses the importance of the echo to the members. (no-a no-wa)Their musicianship is comprised of gaudy musical-like arrangements ranging from pop-rock to avant-garde post rock. They have been noted for their exploitation of both J-pop styles and western styles.
NoaNowa have released up to this date 2 singles, 1 mini album, and 1 full-length album “SPECTACLE”. They have also released limited works at their lives, through Tower Records, etc.
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