Vocaloid Producer, nekobolo, Launches a music career as sasanomaly. A Video Clip from the Upcoming EP to Be Released in October Features 60 match boxes to Tell the Story.



Nekobolo has been producing as a vocaloid producer but now nekobolo is ready to launch his own music career as an artist singing his songs as sasanomaly.

Nekobolo’s talent has been proven in the unique style of fine combination of rock and hip hop over electronic music, and some notable songs of his, such as “Tawagoto Speaker”, “Jishou Mushoku” have been sung by many artists on the internet, including Nico Nico.

“Synonim to Hypocrite” is sasanomaly’s first EP distributed nationally and is to be released on October 15th.

The official website was launched on August 5th and published the video clip of “Tawagoto Speaker”.

“Tawagoto Speaker” features harsh lyrics over mellow melody and the arrangement is different from his works as a vocaloid producer. Also, the video utilizes stop-motion, animation and rotoscope to visualize his artistic vision.