Nico Nico Monopoly Live Broadcast MUCC vs SID Two Man Live



It was announced that the image of MUCC and SID’s Two Man Live in Zepp Namba on August 20 will be Live broadcasted by Nico Nico.

MUCC is currently holding 6 types of tour, a total of 55 Live Project during a period of 7 months. In the final part of this tour, “Episode 6. ‘ARMAGEDDON’”, they will hold Two Man Lives with different artist every time, such as Kishidan, BUCK-TICK, and MICHAEL.

MUCC and SID has performed together at the time they were in the agent they belong in, but this will be their first time to hold a Two Man Live together. The tickets sold out on the day of the sale, so fans who were not able to get a hold of the tickets, make sure you don’t miss this Live broadcast.

MUCC vs SID Two Man Live Monopoly Live Broadcast
<SIX NINE WARS –Bokurano Nanakagetsu Senso-Episode 6. “ARMAGEDDON”>
August 20th 2014 (Wed.) Zepp Namba
Nico Nico Live Broadcast
August 20th (Web.) 2014 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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