Live Generation X audition show Tsukiyoi takes the grand prize! “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei” concert in Taiwan this September!!



“Live Generation X” is a world-debut music audition show, put on by Faith Wonderworks,Inc., that is in collaboration with SYNC MUSIC JAPAN and Get Stage. The show just announced their final results, and the electro-pop duo, Tsukiyoi, took the grand prize. The duo will perform at “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei”, a Japanese pop culture event, in mid-September.

What is Live Generation X?
Live Generation X is a world-debut music audition show put on by Faith Wonderworks,Inc.,
that is in collaboration with SYNC MUSIC JAPAN and Get Stage. Independent artists from all genres compete by performing live on stage. The grand prize winner gets to perform overseas and have their music distributed worldwide for their international debut.

Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei
Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei is a Japanese pop culture event taking on September 12, 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan. The first Tokyo Crazy Kawaii was held last year in Paris, France. For last year’s Paris event, events were held simultaneously in Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara, and Tsukiji. This year, Asakusa will be added to the “fashion”, “music”, “food”, “anime & game”, “character (merchandise)”, and “festival” themed events.

TSUIKYOI is a duo that formed in 2011. Their music combines electro-pop, tradition, and avant-garde. Kou actually plays the koto, and Tetsu creates various musical worlds. They debuted with “ROKUDAN”, an ambient arrangement of the 400 year-old koto song of the same name. The duo started featuring more songs with Kou’s vocals in 2012. 2013’s “AKAKU SAITE” was called a “very radical pop song” by England’s Electronic Sound magazine. “Transitory”, which is based on “IROHA UTA” (a traditional Japanese song structure) captures Japanese aesthetics and religion. It won second prize at Dubstep Contest, sponsored by an America record label. In July 2014, Tsukiyoi played at “Japan Expo 15” in France where the crowd chanted for TSUKIYO. After winning the Live Generation X grand prize, the duo is scheduled to play “Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei” in Taiwan in September. Their full album, “Blue Moon” is on sale now.

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