You Kikkawa is the first female Japanese idol to perform in Brazil



You Kikkawa performed at , South America’s biggest anime event, on July 19 (local time). The event is being held from July 17 to 27, and 40,000 people have already attended the July 18 show. This was Kikkawa’s first performance in South America.

Kikkawa took the stage at 7:00pm local time, and made her introduction in Portuguese, which he practiced furiously. She performed her debut song, her latest single, “DAITE HOLD ON ME” by her Hello! Project superiors, and “Romantic UKARE Mode” by Miki Fujimoto.

For the encore, she came back on stage in a Brazilian yellow and green T-shirt with “Kikkawa” written on it in big letters and a mini skirt. Holding a Brazilian flag in one hand, she said to the crowd, “If you’re ok with me…”. She then promised in Portuguese, “I will return to Brazil.”

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