The First “Genki! J-POP NIGHT” Ended as a Big Success



Genki! J-POP NIGHT was held at Lee Foundation Theater as a collaboration event organized by Japan (PROMIC) and Singapore’s event promotion company, Mode Entertainment. The four performers of the night were TarO&JirO, Mayu Wakisaka, moumoon, and Except for, this was the first performance in Singapore for the artists.

As the event title says, the event aimed at bringing “Genki” to Singapore and other South East Asian countries. The artists had a media press at the hotel on the 11th, performed at a pre-show event on the 12th and at “Genki! J-Pop NIGHT” on the 13th.

The pre-show event on the 12th was held at a local shopping mall “Chinatown Point” in China Town. Despite the heat, more than 200 fans gathered at the outdoor stage for the meet and greet event. 50 fans that answered the quize by the emcee got an autographed poster by all the 4 artists. Each act performed two songs.

At Lee Foundation Theater on the 13th,’s local fans got together before the opening time to prepare for the surprise for a member. When the show started at 7:40 PM , the opening act, TarO&JirO, jumped on the stage in front of 300 audience, making them all stand up. The second act, Mayu Wakisaka invited a local guitarist as a support musician, singing a sub-theme song of a local TV drama and her light touch of pop music brought spotaneous clap from the audience. The third act, moumoon brought the vibe that is beyond that of a duo by vocalist YUKA and a guitarist MASAKI. The last performer was It was their second time performing in Singapore. The audinence held light sticks in their hands, ready to fall deep down into sheer excitement. All the fans at the venue sang “Happy Birthday for Nemu Yumemi, whose birthday was the following day. In the mood of celebration, the two and a half hour show ended as a big success.