Girugamesh releases Vine videos of European tour and studio session



Girugamesh went on their “Girugamesh 2014 Europe Tour ‘Monster’” European tour. The band uploaded concert footage on Vine.

Girugamesh went on an eight-country, 13-show European tour called “Girugamesh 2014 Europe Tour ‘Monster’”. Every show of the tour sold out, and the overseas reception has been very good. Vocalist Satoshi took Vine videos of the crowd during the encores and posted the six-second online.

The band also uploaded studio footage of them at work on their mini-album, “Gravitation”, which is scheduled for release on September 24. The videos were taken at drummer & main composer Ryo’s private studio. The sounds heard on the six-second video are much heavier than that of their previous release, “MONSTER”. Anticipation for the album is steadily growing


Mini-album “Gravitation”
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 release
DCCA-55 / ¥1,800 (tax not included)

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