Jin Akanishi Releases His First Single, “Good Time”, from His Own Label Go Good Records on August 6th (wed)



Jin Nakanishi launched his new website on his birthday, July 4th, and announced that he will launch his fan club. This is his first music in 8 months since his previous album “#JUSIJIN”. The single will be released from his own label Go Good Records on August 6th (Wed).

Nakanishi wrote the music and the lyric, and also produced the song, turning it into a happy uptempo tune that will suit the summer mood. As the title says, the message in the song is “Let’s have a good time!”.

The video clip has been shot overseas for the first time and also he challenged himself by trying to shoot it from the sky. The video clip literally illustrated his vision of fun summer in Gold Coast.
“I was thinking about the summery freshness and baldness, when I wrote the song. I hope the listeners get to enjoy their summer with a lot of fun.” says, Nakanishi.


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