Professor Sakamoto’s first album in three years is full of big-name collaborations



“Professor Sakamoto” is an 8bit musician who performs with a Nintendo strapped to his head. He performs all over the world and has played at festivals such as the Japan Expo in France. He is widening his range as a producer by working on “SAKURA GAKUIN Cooking BU Mini Pati”. On September 17, Sakamoto will release “REBUILD”, his first original album in three years.

The title, “REBUILD”, comes from the Sakamoto’s beginnings in game music. He has reconstructed his songs with the help of big name collaborators.

Sakamoto has produced “BOKURA NO SEKAI NI Dance WO” for Vocaloid GUMI along with the hugely popular “Lefty Monster P”. He also did a cover of “FLASHMAN STAGE” for the game soft character “FLASHMAN” for “Rockman 2”. His upcoming collaborations will be announced on a special site as they become known. The songs will be fun for Professor Sakamoto fans as well as those who are new to his music. We look forward to his upcoming announcements.

Professor Sakamoto’s new album, “REBUILD”, special site

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